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AMH is a Cost and Construction Management service provider specialising in a wide spectrum of both pre and post contract services associated with Building and Civil Engineering projects. Based in Shropshire the principle is a chartered quantity surveyor who takes a pragmatic approach when serving a wide range of sectors working alongside Clients, Main Contractors and Subcontractors alike. AMH are not your traditional quantity surveyors and will always  adopt a pragmatic approach when supporting and advising clients. Backed by over 35 years experience of Surveying and Project Management in the construction industry AMH has worked on a wide range of projects in various sectors – commercial. Industrial, waste, housing and civil engineering. No project is too large or too small so, if you require the services of an experienced QS, don't hesitate to contact us.


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We have worked within the construction industry for over 35 years, offering experienced, multi-disciplinary services. Now, as chartered quantity surveyors based in Shrewsbury, we are trusted by our clients to deliver high-quality, professional service. Our qualifications to that end include:

  Post-Grad Management (DMS)


AMH Services

Building & Civil Engineering Works

We can ensure that the feasibility of your project is accurately calculated, presenting detailed valuations of every element of the works in question. We shall thus enable work to be carried out and costed effectively.

Pre-Construction & Contract Services

Our services as a chartered quantity surveyor based in Shrewsbury are available in a pre-construction and ongoing contract capacity. We'll produce estimates, cost plans and help you budget effectively for the work at hand.

Post-Contract Services

We're able to provide a variety of services in a post-contract capacity – forecasting and controlling cashflow, handling subcontractor payments, renewing bonds and insurances and handling all variations, to name but a few.








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